About the Book

Art That Resonates is a collection of beautiful images, made with fractal geometry, that appear to be close to vibrating off the pages of this contemplative and meditative book.

The images are paired with quotes of wisdom sourced from around the world and through the ages. One can spend time with them and sense work being done energetically on the body/mind/spirit.

These images, with spiritual or transformative potential, help one to access vaster dimensions of being, perhaps even to open doors in fields of consciousness and revealing something new to the viewer.

The book should be perused often. One never knows what will be exposed through an image on any given day. Each picture is significant and can effect change on a very deep personal level.

Enjoy the experience!
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Brenda Molloy


Full Color Inside
104 pages on 100 lb. Glossy Paper
Laminated Soft Cover
Perfect Bound Binding
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The images transform the viewer’s energy and a subtle shift occurs subconsciously, spiritually, and on a deeper visceral level.
Deb Retzlaff

The energy from her work is almost palpable, as though they are vibrating off the walls. The prints of her pieces draw the viewer in and express a subtle spiritual sensibility.
Wendy Dozoretz, Yoga Teacher

Spend time with each piece and find the gift that it offers you. This is art that speaks to your soul.
Dianne O’Neil

“Art that Resonates” by Brenda Molloy is a fascinating book with poetic balance of fractal art and quotations. Depending on how one shows up anytime you open the book, each selection seems to come alive as if each fractal is speaking to the language of ones’ essence. Truly inspiring.
Hussain Ahmed

…I stopped and did not move, as I was truly mesmerized by the art. The picture was amazing; I was so drawn and connected to it. My whole body could “feel the art” and I could “feel the change” it was having on my body and mind. Wow! Each piece is a unique form of communication with a divine message for my body to receive. It felt as though the vibrational frequency was being sent out at my cellular consciousness level.
Dennis Sobotka, Business Consultant


The highest class of artist spiritually unites with universal energy, and the resultig art becomes a divine outpouring.
Alex Grey