Artist Statement - Fractal Art

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystical.
It is the source of all true art and science.
Albert Einstein

What fascinates me is just how much in life goes by unnoticed, undetected and falls ‘under the radar’. That which is sensed, but not seen, attracts me. According to physicist Heinz Pagels, the visible world is the invisible organization of energy. The constant thread running through my work comes from this search that connects everyday experiences.

Fractal art is an expression of the underlying mathematics of all of nature, including human beings. It is the nature of all living things. The artwork at first appears mathematically before it is rendered perceptible through the aid of the computer. There is no other way to make this art evident.

I work with formulas, and parameters to control everything about the image, including shape, color, lighting and texture. Each picture is made up of numerous layers, and the layers are merged or blended together for the final piece. There is an infinite way to blend and work with the various layers, and it is like making a collage. Artistic vision, with the tools and technology of today, aid in the making of this art.

Because my work is based on algorithms, it can be produced at very large sizes, without any degradation in the art work. In fact the inverse is true — the larger the rendering the more detail in the finished piece. The fractal is then printed to archival museum standards as a fine art giclée on canvas or paper.

These transformative images harness the spiritual power of art, allowing you, the viewer, to lose yourself in alternate visual realities or dimensions. There is a lot going on, almost imperceptibly, in each image. They are harmonic; the vibration imbues them with the power to both teach and heal the body/mind/spirit.

Each one, with its vibration and subtle energy, is active in its viewing environment. The artwork brings in a resonance. It literally pulls it into the environment. It’s like you, the viewer, are breathing them in.

They generate their own light. Some people see sparks coming off the work. They also teach and heal on very subtle levels, which the observer may or may not be aware of. Somehow, movement takes place. They work on many different layers simultaneously.

What they do is they add their own frequencies into the mix of the energy of an environment. They amplify certain frequencies so it can be felt. You, the onlooker, feel something — and the artwork operates in a collective manner. One way or another on an etheric level, a transmutation, the lifting of the darkness, occurs.

I invite you to sense how each image interacts with you — as it resonates with your personal field of energy.

Ancient Native ways teach that there is nothing on Earth more powerful than a circle of decided women.
Ohki Simine Forest