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This book is a masterstroke of love that can reside in one's heart forever. It is a fulfillment for the growing spiritual hunger that exists in our world today. What are we all seeking? Most spiritual guides would agree that the answer to this question is LOVE.
- Jack Stucki, Subtle Energy Pioneer

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Towards Radiance $33.00 + S&H

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Full Color Inside
94 pages on 100 lb. Glossy Paper
Laminated Soft Cover
Perfect Bound Binding
Price $33.00
for USA Residents

For International Sales, please email me for Shipping Costs at Email brenda@brendamolloy.com

You know how sometimes in life things seem predetermined?

I would not have spoken to author Bronwen Christianos at a conference in Colorado if it weren’t for a freak snowstorm that kept me there two days longer than I had anticipated. Our paths eventually crossed, and we spoke.

After the conference, we continued to visit through video chat, as she lives in New Zealand and I in Western New York.

Bronwen had written a book, and said she would send it to me, and as I read it, in my mind’s eye, I saw fractal art that illustrated her words. After a quick conversation, I was illustrating her book Towards Radiance and it was a joy!

Towards Radiance, with my fractal illuminations is now available for sale.

I have a sense of Sacredness when I hold the book, and a deep peace envelops me. I invite you to experience it yourself.

This co-creation, made with love by two people on opposite sides of the world feels predestined.

To learn more about the book, including Bronwen's near-death experience and her encounter with an Angel, please click this link. It's to an article published July 3, 2020 by WINN on her book.

Art That Resonates $35.00 + S&H 

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Full Color Inside
104 pages on 100 lb. Glossy Paper
Laminated Soft Cover
Perfect Bound Binding
List Price $55.00
Limited Time Price $35.00
for USA Residents

Art That Resonates is a collection of colorful images, made with beautiful fractal geometry, that appear to be close to vibrating off the pages of this contemplative and meditative book.

The images are paired with quotes of wisdom sourced from around the world and through the ages. One can spend time with them and sense work being done energetically on the body/mind/spirit.

These images, with spiritual or transformative potential, help one to access vaster dimensions of being, perhaps even to open doors in fields of consciousness and revealing something new to the viewer.

The book may be perused often. One never knows what will be exposed through an image on any given day. Each picture is significant and can effect change on a very deep personal level.

Art That Resonates eBook PDF Instant Download $9.99

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The eBook is automatically saved in the Downloads folder. It is designed to be viewed with two page spreads. Open the file in Acrobat, click on View in the top bar, page display, two page view. This will align the pages so the images flow as designed. Enjoy!