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WOW! Brenda this video is 1000 times more powerful than your great still art, which was already world class. The video is so full of active energy and so touching into your mind and body. You have truly stepped up to the next level for your art work. Thank you for sharing this new level of cellular activation, I appreciate it.
- Dennis Sobotka


Fractal art seems to talk to my cells. As I developed my own artistic voice, I hung my pieces in shows, and listened carefully to viewers’ comments. They shared with me how my artwork affected them. These insights showed me that others were aware of the deep spiritual aspects of my pieces.

One person told me of her anxiety about doctors, but if she watches my video while in the doctor’s office, it lowers her blood pressure. Recently the mother of a nine-year-old girl with Asperger’s Syndrome told me that her daughter views my fractal animation videos on YouTube to calm herself.

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