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Fractal Art Series

My fractal art is paired with quotes from around the world and through the ages. As far as I can remember, books played an important role in my life, and as I read, I copied down passages that spoke to me on a visceral level.

The quotes came from an eclectic group of people, with varying religions, leading me to think that wisdom is wisdom, no matter what the source. It made me feel like I was a citizen of the world, as I could relate to them all.

As time passed, I had created a body of fractal work, that I wanted to publish in a book, most specifically, for my two children, who were now adults. This seemed to happen so quickly, that I found myself wondering if I had exposed them to enough wisdom.

With my collection of quotes and artwork, it was a perfect pairing, and the gift to them has expanded to include you.

Please share the beauty with others.